About Us


Welcome to Aroha Wellness. I hope you have found what you are looking for.
Aroha Wellness was made for women and men who are wanting to take time out to relax, recenter and treat their body, minds and spirits.

Aroha Wellness wants to empower and inspire you, through your body, to be the best version of you. 


Through our  holistic health services including holistic bodywork treatments and body tarot sessions, as well as our massage therapies, we want to be a safe place for your wellness to evolve towards a more balanced, fun and pain-free life.

Aroha Wellness believes that through a healthy body, mind and spirit, we get more clarity, creativity and natural energy in our lives.

I hope that you love what we've created and I hope that Aroha Wellness can be part of your wellness journey soon.


Nik Chung

Founder/Facilitator Aroha Wellness
Massage Therapist...Energy Worker... Body Tarot Consultant...Transformational  Facilitator  & Space Holder.




Bodywork, Massage Therapy, Body Tarot

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