Body Tarot is the art of listening to the body for it's messages and wisdom. Let Nik tune into the energy of your body and identify what is stopping you from moving forward in your life in this unique psychic reading. 


With gentle movement and energetic re-patterning your blocks will be removed so you can live a life that is full of freedom, flow and happiness. 

During a Body Tarot session Nik will guide you through a deep meditation to let you become aware of your body.


Then, together you will explore some simple movements to identify the blocks in your life.


Nik will then craft a unique movement and energetic pattern plus affirmation to assist you to move the blocks so that you can live a life that is free & fun!

For all sessions the following is included:

  • A Body Tarot reading - what is going on with your life at the present moment and blocking the flow

  • A gentle and effective energy healing and alignment to assist block removal.

  • A personalised gentle movement meditation and affirmation to help alleviate blocks and positively re-pattern your subconscious.

  • Essential oil suggestions and other supportive tools to assist your flow.

Body Tarot is an exclusive healing modality to Aroha Wellness. 

Body Tarot is offered as a 60-minute comprehensive 1:1 online consultation via zoom or in person. 
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Body Tarot E-Readings Available!

How These Work:

You choose one area of your life to focus on and I use the Body Tarot technique to do a distance reading. I will tune in to what is stopping the flow and send to you a PDF of my intuits and recommendations.

Please note: the Body Tarot E-readings do not include the personalised movement meditation and no 1:1 time together. They will give you insights on what to focus on to get back in the flow!




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