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Thank you for the amazing massage! I’m very particular in choosing my massage therapists. Nik is the best I’ve found. She is very knowledgeable, grounded, and tuned in. Nik makes you feel very comfortable and personalised the session by asking me lots of questions at the start. The session started by testing my senses with essential oils which made me instantly relaxed. Then Nik focused on different points on my body, I could feel tension (that I didn’t know I had) draining away as she worked her magic. The experience was amazing! I was so relaxed by the end and I felt the benefits for the next few days. This is more than just a massage, it lead me on a journey that lead to new insights about my life. I have told everyone I know and I will be back! So glad I stumbled across this.

-Conor O'Neill, Mt Martha, VIC.

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Nicola's Lomi Lomi massage is one of the best massages I have ever experienced!!! 
She radiates positivity, love and has the most calming approach to her bodywork. She has helped ease my sore muscles but also calmed my mind. 
I am so happy I have found you and your healing hands Nicola xxxx

- Jo Kazan, Safety Beach, VIC

"Could not recommend Nik more! She has healing hands and truly speaks the language of the body. She knew exactly what my body needed and how to hold it so I felt safe, loved and looked after, and delivered information with care and compassion. I feel so much better afterwards... A lot of stress and baggage has lifted! Will definitely be coming back for regular treatments.  Thanks Nik!"

- Katie Starkey, Mornington Peninsula, VIC

"This is, HANDS DOWN, the best massage I have ever experienced. Nik is incredibly talented, attentive and connected to her work. From the pre appointment questions, the oils that she uses, her choice of massage table and the way that she works on the body- there is an enormous amount of effort, love and attention to detail. It was more than just a massage though, Nik's knowledge of energy systems, aromatherapy and chakra work meant that I left feeling incredibly calm, aligned and radiant in both my body and my spirit. I woke up the next day feeling a perfect balance of alive and rejuvenated.

Her holistic approach to wellbeing and body work shines through enormously - it was an absolute treat!Counting down the days until my next appointment."
- Devyn Goddard, Dromana, VIC

“Nicola is amazing at what she does! I have had numerous massages from her and every one has been different. She is so intuitive and can tell exactly what my body needs, where the source of discomfort is coming from, and which technique to use. Nicola is very professional and I feel completely comfortable with her. In fact, I fall asleep pretty much every time. This may also be attributed to her ridiculously comfortable massage table. Thank you so much Nik, my body and spirit are always so grateful for your healing hands.”

— Mahuru Wilcox, Raglan, New Zealand

“What an incredible experience to be massaged by you, Nik. It really was one of the best massages I have ever had and you really got into those little tight spots! You have the most incredible hands - what a talent! I look forward to the next one. Thank you.”

— Lisa Gilmour, Tauranga, New Zealand

"Straight up the best massage I have had, without a word of a lie. I don't think my body has ever know such relaxation and peace. Thanks so much Nik for the healing and experience, my body and mind are feeling spot on today, and I can't wait to push on with the knowledgable insights into self maintenance and daily feel good practices. If you haven't already had one of Niks massages then I recommend you get to it right away. Yew Aroha!"

-Ian Ferguson, Raglan, New Zealand.


Your class [DisSolve Dance] is a game-changer! I've been missing dancing and I loved the music and the journey. Thank-you!

-Freddie, New Zealand

After a couple of sessions of Nia I was feeling excited to go, and a couple of weeks later I was feeling excited to get up in the morning!! Something very new to me. I’m loving it Nicola - I find your enthusiasm and energy so contagious, it lifts all our own energy levels.
Nia, in addition to feeling energised and more positive has also had some unexpected results for me. I have slowly become aware of a bubbling up feeling of liberation, wow! As if all the negative energy inside has reached my chest and throat and just wants to shout it out!!!!!  Wow, I highly recommend Nia to anyone male or female of any age. I’m 61, Nia is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.

— Susan, New Zealand

For me, Nia combines exercise with peace of mind which I carry into the rest of my life. I thought I moved freely until Nic got me really moving. Now I just want more! One class a week is not enough, I find myself thinking about it & counting down the days until the next class... It makes me feel so good that it is now one of my things in life that I wont compromise on, I think I am addicted!

— Hana, New Zealand.

I find the movement, energy and mindfulness of Nia a great compliment to my regular yoga practice, freeing parts of my body I didn’t even know needed freeing up

— Lisa, New Zealand

Thank-you for letting me move my body in the most crazy ways it wanted to!

-James, New Zealand

My first class left me on a high all week long. It cultivated positive energy, nurturing and joyous vibes. It was a surprise to find such a warm welcoming and I got hooked right away! Thank you!!!

— Aubrey, New Zealand

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